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Class Room

Class Rooms

Classrooms at school are what a child remembers the most, during the entire lifetime. Children spend over 7 hours a day for 240days a month, and 12 to 14 years of their most formative years, and hence becomes a second home.

With this ideologue in mind, Classrooms at JHPS-Rampally are made Extra Large (680 Ft², while CBSE norm is 480 Ft²), well ventilated, airy and bright.

They are equipped with the latest in teaching technology aids like Electronic Smart Boards that work like a Desktop Computer /Projector with sound systems/ A writing board that can record and store all that is taught (for recovery & recapitulation), built-in cameras for online teaching/ Drawing & writing support systems / internet connected / and many more; to make the learning process highly effective.

Comfortable and individualized seats, with individual student lockers within, large free spaces for group activities, student created artefacts and exhibits which brighten the walls and constantly remind them of their proud achievements, make it a pleasurable experience for the children. Consequently, learning becomes easy.