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Curriculum & Syllabus


JHPS – Rampally offers quality education to its Students. The motto is to provide extensive knowledge base that a child would be able to retain for the life-time and also to develop a sense of creativity and the will to achieve.

The teaching methodologies employed are such that, they make learning interesting and enjoyable for the learners. The underlying conceptual framework enshrined in the National Education Policy 2020 forms the basis of our pedagogies. The learning process takes place through projects, role plays, group-discussions, art integration, model making, elicitation, research, class presentations and exhaustive hands on activities (learning by doing mode) that are designed to generate willing interest among the children to learn.

JHPS views education as a wholesome process. The focus is not only on academics and co-curricular activities but also on inculcating values. The teaching-learning process is aimed at fostering competencies like effective communication skills, creativity, problem solving, decision making and self-study.

The top-notch infrastructure helps the learners tune in well with the times, enjoy learning at school, become confident individuals and get ready to face the challenges of life.

The Curriculum at JHPS-Rampally has been set at a lower quantum, keeping in view the current philosophy of the CBSE, not to burden the children with undue content, cramming and making education play the vital role in developing interest and curiosity amongst children. The teachinglearning experience at JHPS - R shall be such that the students learn in a fun way, while they are engaged in the process of lifelong retention of concepts.

Every activity is planned in such a manner that each child gets an opportunity to relate concepts taught at school to the actual world outside. The focus is on mastering English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and Social understanding. Computer education and its use have been made the medium of generating such mastery and also to become wizards in their use. Emphasis on achieving high levels of proficiency in Hindi, the national language and Telugu the state language as the alternate languages are also sufficiently encouraged.

Right from the Pre-primary stage, the teaching methodology discourages rote memory. Thematic method of teaching is followed where, an interdisciplinary mode of knowledge transfer is achieved through integrated activities, laying emphasis on skill based learning. This includes the development of fine and gross motor, cognitive, social, emotional, linguistic and numerical skills. The fact that each child is unique and has different learning styles is explicitly understood and the academic School Manual 2022-23 9 program is so organized that children from all backgrounds would be able to assimilate the subject content with ease. Various activities are designed in such a way that they cater to different types of learner abilities like auditory, visual and kinesthetic modes.

The Teaching-Learning Process

Salient features of the Primary Curriculum:

The Salient features of the Pre-Primary curriculum includes the following activities, in order to make learning an enjoyable experience:

  • Themes for the months
  • Circle Time
  • Rhyme Recitation
  • Dramatization and Role Play
  • Story Telling
  • Show and Tell
  • Clay-Molding
  • Painting & Coloring
  • Arts and Crafts/Origami
  • Parents as Teaching Partners
  • Sand play
  • Music
  • Sensory Games
  • Puppet Show
  • Physical Fitness
  • Computers
  • Educational Trip
  • Discovery Table
  • Simple Science Experiments
  • I-Board Teaching

The Pre-Primary (LKG & UKG) classes train children in:

  • English
  • Environmental Science
  • IInd Language: Telugu/Hindi (Only for UKG)
  • Number Work
  • Computer Activities.

In the Primary Section children are trained to gain proficiency in:

Classes I and II

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Science
  • IInd Language: Telugu
  • Addl. Language: Hindi
  • Computer Science

Classes III and IV

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental/Social Science
  • IInd Language: Telugu
  • Addl. Language: Hindi
  • Computer Science

Methodologies where the learning process is accentuated though involvement of the students in various activities that are designed to generate modes and methods of generating knowledge base, conceptual understanding of the concepts on hand, presentation and communication skills, School Manual 2022-23 10 together with inculcating team spirit, group learning skills, breaking down inhibitions at learning and the art of sharing and receiving, such as

At the Secondary Classes Levels:

  • Class presentations and displays
  • Group Discussions
  • E-learning
  • Educational Field Trips
  • Story Reading A loud Sessions
  • Teaching of Life Skills
  • Fine Arts which include - Music, Dance and Art, etc.

We diligently work towards the goal of empowering students in a tangible way. We facilitate their development into enlightened citizens thereby enabling them to be confident and assertive individuals, who can do well not only for themselves but also strive for the larger interest of the society.

Recognizing the infinite, extraordinary potential of the students, we strive constantly to enhance their potential for creativity, critical thinking and problem solving abilities which will manifest as present and future excellence in every aspect of life.

Classes V &VI Class VII & VIII Classes IX & X
English English English Language & Literature
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
General Science General Science Science
Social Science Social Science Social Science
IInd Language Telugu IInd Language Telugu IInd Language: Telugu Telangana Hindi Course B
IIIrd Language: Hindi IIIrd Language - Hindi Vocational Subjects: (Class XI) Artificial Intelligence (Class X) Information Technology
Computer Science Computer Science Additional Subjects Computer Applications
Life Skills Life Skills
Art/Dance/ Music Art/Dance/ Music Art/Dance/ Music
Physical & Health Education Physical & Health Education Physical & Health Education