International Quality Education At Local School Fee Structure



Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities comprising of the following subjects are provided to the students as part of the general curriculum itself and are incorporated into the Timetable:

a) Art b) Music c) Dance d) Debates/ Elocutions/ Essay Writing/ etc. e) Physical Education and f) Computer Science.

House-wise Competitions are conducted round the year based on a specified timetable and points allotted to the House based on the overall performance of the students in all the Scholastic, Co-scholastic and Extra-scholastic activities. It is expected that this competition would provide additional enthusiasm among students to perform better than their friends in all the spheres of the School Activities.

  1. Inter School Competitions:

Students at JHPS are specially encouraged to take part in all the top competitions in all co-curricular and extra-curricular competitions conducted at the CBSE, District, State and national levels. The School provides extensive support to the students attending the competitions by providing transport and if needed even accommodation and special training, depending on the levels of performance by the students. Students are also provided the support In-charges Teacher, to participate in external sports/games/cultural events or competitions. However, parental willingness, consent, authorization, and contributions are also essential for permitting the children to participate in such out of the School competitions.

Note: Utmost care is taken by the school for the safety of the children during the participations and in case of any unfortunate or unforeseen incident, parents are expected to cooperate and not try to hold the school liable.

  1. External Competitive Examinations

Similarly, the School provides extensive support to the students attending the national and even international level competitions in the Olympiads, NTSE, NSTSE, Spell-bee, etc.

  1. School Days:

The School conducts the following Exhibitions every year, where in, the Academic Excellence, Talents, Physical Prowess of the Students are exhibited to the Parents:

  • The Class-wise Parents Day Program conducted for every Two Class Levels (LKG & UKG, 1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 5th & 6th, 7th & 8th) where the creative talents of the Students are Exhibited to the Parents. These programs are conducted during the year and it is expected every student will be given an opportunity to present his/her creative talent, based on their skills or training at school or outside and will include:
    • Music, Singing, Dance, Drama, Art, Craft and other fine arts talent.
    • Debate, elocution, Poetry, Mono-acting, etc.
  • The Science, Math and Social Sciences Day – when Parents will be exposed to the wonders created by their Children. This Exhibition will be held once day a year, for the entire School when Parents will be invited to appreciate their wards development in the academic knowledge and understanding.
  • The Sports Day – When Students exhibit their prowess at various physical & sporting activities and their ability to take up the competitive challenges.
  • The Annual day – A culmination of the Talent Exhibition of the Students – showcasing to the Parents, the achievements, accolades, awards and  the best of performances in the Fine Arts.
  1. Regular School Events:
    1. The Assembly

Morning assembly is a solemn occasion for all the staff and students in the School. It includes prayer, meditation, thought for the day, news reading, and a brief theme based presentation on a given topic followed by the National Anthem. It also includes talent show, quiz, language assembly and display of sports skills. Adequate care is taken to see that every child of the class gets an opportunity to participate in the assembly.

        2. Special Assemblies

JHPS enjoys and celebrates the secular status of our country. Besides the National festivals, all other festivals of different religions are celebrated for better understanding and tolerance. The significance of the celebration is explained in the special assemblies.

  1. Educational Field Trips

Educational trips to places of historical and scientific interest are organized annually. These trips facilitate to broaden the outlook of students and are conducted following the rules and regulations of the CBSE to reinforce learning, provide exposure and to get hands on experience of the subject. Parents are expected to bear the cost of such trips only in case of the trips are to be made beyond the city of Hyderabad.