International Quality Education At Local School Fee Structure



About Us


JUBILEE HILLS PUBLIC SCHOOL opened its portals for disseminating wholesome education. With a humble beginning in 1986 and with the un-relenting efforts, selfless dedication and philanthropic outlook of the unified minds of the Members of the Jubilee Hills Education Society, the Jubilee Hills Public School at Jubilee Hills has developed into a nationally recognized school. With a view to provide international quality education to the population residing in the peripheral areas of Hyderabad, the Rampally Branch was commissioned by the Jubilee Hills Education Society in the year 2016.

The Jubilee Hills Education Society, a non-profit organization which runs the Jubilee Hills Public Schools is over 35 years old. The Society has endeavored to creating the JUBILEE HILLS PUBLIC SCHOOL-RAMPALLY, one of the best infrastructures, with latest equipment, suitable for providing ‘Experiential Learning’ for students, right from first class onwards.


Jubilee Hills Public School-Rampally, near ECIL, Hyderabad, is affiliated to CBSE and yet has one of the best infrastructure - comparable to any International School. The average classroom is over 640 Ft² with lots of natural light and ventilation, consisting of Multi-utility, Internet-connected, Electronic Smart Boards, individual seats for students, classroom lockers and a plethora of international grade facilities.

With a view to ensuring high quality education that’s within the reach of the middle class, Jubilee Hills Education Society has endeavoured to create a pedagogy that is oriented towards ‘experiential learning’ systems through specialised mind/mapping techniques, extensive laboratory & activity based learning systems, hands-on practical learning systems, etc., right from the 1st Class itself. The educational packages and learning/study features being provided are so extensive that they are the envy of most international schools.

Yet, being mandated to providing affordable yet high quality, exemplary  education, JHPS-Rampally provides a learning experience that’s unmatched and at an annual fee that is less than what local, medium quality schools charge.