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Admission Policy & Procedure


  • An Announcement for Admissions is Normally Issued During December, for admissions to the Academic Year beginning April of the Next Year, through this website or by Newspaper advertisements and other modes, for such classes where seats are available.
  • Admissions are usually not entertained for admission to classes 9 and 10. However, under special conditions such as outstation transfers, admission to 9th Class only is accepted under the condition that the are found to have sufficiently qualified to undertake the instructions of the 9th grade level. Students will not be admitted to the 10th Class, irrespective of the reasons or constraints.

Age of Students at the time of Admission:

As on 31st March of the year for which admission is being sought, prospective students should be over -

  • 3 years of age, for admission to LKG Class, but should not have entered their 4th Year;          
  • 5 years of age, for admission to Class I, but should not have entered their 6th Year; and
  • For the higher classes, at the rate of one year for ever class higher than the entry age at the 1st Class level.


The above age criteria are subject to revision, based on the guidelines expected to be communicated by the authorities, as part of the NEP policy implementation during the year 2023. (It is expected that a higher age limit may be enforced under the NEP 2020).

  • A generalised test would be conducted to evaluate the prospective students for their physical and cognitive abilities through age-appropriate tests, based on which students will be assessed for the learning abilities and accordingly provided with a suitable academic methodology.
  • Parents are advised to refrain from using high pressure recommendations.
  • Admissions are given purely on a first come first served basis.
  • The School reserves its right to provide admission to students and is liable to reject applications based on undesirable conduct of student  


  1. Enquiry Forms (issued free of cost at the School or downloaded here) need to be submitted within the prescribed time limit for admissions.
  2. Based on the vacancies available, the School will contact the concerned parent / guardian for issue Application forms, which may be obtained on payment of the prescribed fee.
  3. Completed application forms should be submitted with all the mandatory certificates & enclosures, along with the prescribed registration fee on or before the date specified by the School. (Registration fee once paid shall not be refunded or adjusted for any other purpose. Mere Registration is no guarantee for admissions.)
  4. A generalised test would be conducted, and the admission approved under conditions specific to the evaluation.
  5. Once approved (and the conditions if any are acceptable) the requisite Fee shall be paid with in one week from the date of approval for admission, failing which approval of admission will be withdrawn. No extension of time shall be grated for the initial payments required at the time of admission.  

Documents to be Submitted:

  1. Along with the Enquiry Form:
    1. Enquiry Form completed in all respects. (Application forms will not be issued against incomplete enquiry forms).
    2. Copy of Birth Certificate of the Student, mentioning the names of the child and parents.
    3. Copy of residence proof of present status (like Telephone bill, Electricity Bill, Passport).
    4. Certificate of caste / Physically Challenged (SC/BC/ST/PC) (if applicable).
    5. Copy of Guardian Certificate in case of NRI or Legally entitled applications only.
  2. Along with the Application Form:
    1. Application Form completed in all respects. (Admission will not be provided against incomplete Application forms).
    2. Copy of residence proof of present status (like Telephone bill, Electricity Bill, Passport).
    3. Copy of Aadhar Card (Child, Father, Mother).
    4. Blood group report of the child.
    5. Any Pre-existing Conditions Reports such as eye-sight, hearing, heart conditions, etc.
    6. Photocopy of siblings I D card at JHPS Rampally (only in case of own brother or sister – NOT Cousins)
  3. At the time of Payment of Fee during Admission process.
    1. Transfer Certificate from the previous school in case of admission to all class above LKG.
    2. Bonafide Certificate from the previous school, if applicable.
    3. Originals of all copies to be [produced for verification. Admission shall be withdrawn if originals do not match the copies already submitted.


Fee Structure